My brain has always been full of ideas and interests. In high school, I participated in band, the school paper, the speech and drama team, and a variety of academic competitions. I took piano lessons. I enjoyed all of my classes, English and math and science. When I went to college, I decided to major in journalism because I enjoyed it so much, but also because I felt it would give me an opportunity to still investigate and learn about a variety of topics as I wrote about them (or edited what other people were writing). I still love to learn about almost anything, and reading and book reviewing has given me a great way to delve into tons of topics. I feel I’ve become somewhat specialized in a few areas, and I have a few particular interests I feel particularly passionate about enough to blog on. So this site will be the umbrella for the various topics I’d like to address, which will include, for the time being, books, beauty and self-image, mental health and then just a hodgepodge of thoughts.

Now, specifically, I’m a writer and copy editor; I’m a mother of four daughters; I have written book reviews for more than a dozen years and run a book review website, Rated Reads. I have lived in a variety of places around the country, mostly east of the Mississippi, and I now live in California’s Central Valley. I look at many issues through the lens of my faith, and I try to do my best to consider all opinions and be respectful of others’ viewpoints even if I do conclude that I disagree.

Feel free to contribute to the discussions I am starting here by commenting and sharing with friends.

— Cathy Carmode Lim


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