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I have a number of links to useful and related websites sprinkled throughout my posts, but here I think I’d like to collect them all in one place. Since my site encompasses a number of topics, I’ll break down my links into those topics, so if you’d like to get a quick glance at them, you can just come here.

Beautiful life “Beauty Redefined is all about rethinking our ideas of ‘beautiful’ and ‘healthy’ that we’ve likely learned from for-profit media that thrives off female insecurity.”

Life of the mind Dr. James Phelps’ website about bipolar II.

Reading life My website, which reviews books and assigns them ratings for objectionable content, much like movies and TV shows have ratings.

Home life Band of Angels is the world’s largest provider of non-medical information on Down syndrome. Established in 1994, Band of Angels provides support for individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Through a commitment to establish greater understand and acceptance, Band of Angels has been the voice of hope, inspiration and independence for persons with Down syndrome.

Odds and ends

These links aren’t necessarily anywhere else on my site, but they’re places I just love. I suppose you could say these are all about me and what I like. If you like them, too, well, then, great! Yep, I’ve gotten into Pinterest. I have so far kept myself to a minimum of how much time I spend on it, but so far, it’s been really useful. I am proud to say a dear, longtime friend writes up the tasty little morsels in this new blog and does it with the panache she has applied for so long on the People column at the Arizona Republic. Go Suz! Thanks for the chuckles.

2 thoughts on “My links”

  1. Thank you for sharing the link for Bipolar 2. That is what I am diagnosed with along with anxiety and ocd. I think it helps people to understand that being ‘bipolar’ doesn’t mean the same for everyone.

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