Beach bum foot

Now that I’m settled into week three of Saga of Broken Foot, I am day by day making little adjustments to my routine and to how I view life in general. I suppose that I may very well by the end of this come up with a lovely post on How I Grew From This Experience or How This Made Me a Better (Gentler, More Patient? etc.) Person. I hope that if I do choose to do that, it won’t be filled with cliches, Pablum and/or platitudes; I would like to spare you all that tedium.

At any rate, right now I can say that this Experience might be reminding me that I truly need to learn how to Let Go and stop trying to Control Everything. Being off my foot and unable to do all I normally do, combined with the other lovely Learning Experience this year of having a whole lot of medium-sized and a couple of really big expenses hit me one after the other (jab! uppercut! jab jab jab!) should theoretically help me to be able to Let Go of my control issues. I dunno. I guess we’ll see how that actually goes.

In the meantime, I’ve learned to relax a little and at least enjoy my backyard pool. Those who know me will already be familiar with my general frustration with having said pool, mainly because it takes maintenance, which we tried to do ourselves for a couple of years and ended up just failing miserably at (and had to cave and hire a Pool Guy; I have a pool guy???!), and because it costs money just for general operating costs every single day of the year, even in the many months that we can’t use it. Thanks also to the shade we have in our backyard on the pool for a good chunk of the day every day, the water is generally pretty cool, so we really can only swim in there during the day (too cold even to skinny-dip at night. Drat!!!) during about three months of the year. So I spend maybe $2500 a year for three months of swim time. That just chaps my hide. But there it is. There is a pool, and we can’t let it go green or just empty it. Ah well.

SO. We have a pool. I’m not a big fan of swimming (irony, I know). I distinctly remember being about 9 or 10 and having a perfectly nice instructor at our school system’s pool (located at the high school) try to teach me some basics. I screamed bloody murder and did not learn said basics. Eventually, I learned to tread water and float and get around, but a pool or the beach is just not my first choice of vacation destination. I can take it or leave it.

But these past two weeks, being weighted down by a heavy boot on one foot and two unwieldy crutches, I have come to appreciate the utter freedom and bliss of letting the water carry me gently in its embrace. I can take off my boot and slip into the pool and either float like a water bug on the surface, light as air, or paddle around languidly under the water, letting it do most of the work. I love how gravity seems to just take the day off for me then. No longer am I tethered to the ground; I can snip myself free and glide and gently kick.

It’s been delightful. I’ve gone outside every day with my girls for about an hour and basked in the warm sun and the brief but amazing feeling of weightlessness. I have become a beach (well, pool) bum. I think I’m actually going to be sad to see the season end, which will be a new one for me in the three summers we’ve lived in this house.

So I might not have learned a whole lot of big Life Lessons yet. Whether I do or not, I’ve learned just a little bit to relax and let go of my body and my worries for maybe an hour every day. That’s good enough for me.

Author: Cathy Carmode Lim

I'm a copy editor, writer, and book reviewer with three decades of experience. My book review website is I'm a mom of four and grandma of three.

One thought on “Beach bum foot”

  1. I am happy you have turned into a poolside bum!
    You deserve it.
    Water is my favorite element!
    They all fill me with joy!
    Water is healing, refreshing, and never ceases to connect me to my youth.
    Sadly, sun and chlorine are not my favorite things, since they persecute my eyes and skin, and so these days I typically enjoy water from afar… unless I walk the seawall on Padre Island… at night… in the autumn, drive the 17 Mile Drive in Carmel or the Pacific Coast Highway.
    It is worth every cent!

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