Month: August 2012

Best young adult novels?

So NPR just released the results of a poll it conducted asking people to nominate and then vote on finalists in the category of teen novels. I did see the poll soon enough to vote on the finalists. I found that I was a little surprised at some of the books that were nominated enough…

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A sensitive topic: race and hair

My husband and I were struck particularly this week by some of the talk that swirled around the Web after the amazing Gabby Douglas won all-around gold in gymnastics. We were both dismayed to read how many of her fellow blacks commented not on her performance or her history-making status as the first black woman…

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Beach bum foot

Now that I’m settled into week three of Saga of Broken Foot, I am day by day making little adjustments to my routine and to how I view life in general. I suppose that I may very well by the end of this come up with a lovely post on How I Grew From This…

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